Style Pantry ... be inspired!

Months ago, I started to follow this working mother of 3, Folake Kuye Huntoon via and was led to her site, Style Pantry. Instantly, I fell in love with her eclectic killa style! It felt so exotic and tailored, hip and chicly tomboyish, playful and SEXY!  ... And her hair, get a thumbs up too!

Every time she posts her daily wear, she inspires me to want to pull out every piece of clothing and accessory from my closet ... and dare to be.  She forces me to ask myself, "Why be a plain Jane on the days that appear to be ordinary?" ... Dropping my daughter to school, a trip to the mall, the supermarket.

Follow her: Style Pantry's STYLE 
Here are some of my favorite looks ... click here
For additional inspiration, visit CHICTOPIA or

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