St.Lucian fan meets Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber spent the holiday season in St.Lucia with Selena Gomez, and there have been more sightings of him up till a few days ago. So I understand the excitement and stir he's causing in St.Lucia. My daughter and I both love the Bieber! While in Vermont this holiday season, my once overly protective father saw the effect Justin Bieber has over his four year old granddaughter, just by the sight of a Justin Bieber 2011 calendar and posters in Toys R Us. She froze and was coy. Home video of her dancing 'Baby, baby' about a year ago.  

A St.Lucian fan takes a picture with Justin Bieber
Therese Monplaisir didn’t know what to think when her daughter emerged from the Big Chef restaurant trembling. Minutes before 11-year-old Tianah Foster had been having dinner with her family at the new Spices of India restaurant in the Bay Walk Mall. It was about 9pm when her mother granted her permission to go say hello to her sister who worked at Big Chef.

“Mommy, mommy, I’m going to cry!” were the first words out of young Tianah’s mouth.

Still confused the girl’s mother pressed on: “Calm down, calm down, what is going on?”

“Mommy, he’s inside, he’s inside, at the roundtable at the back; you know the table?” her daughter responded barely able to catch her breath. “Justin Bieber is inside! Mommy he’s there having dinner.”

Her mother responded: “Oh my God, let’s go in.” 

Photo Source: St.Lucia Star

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