What's Your Vision for 2011? ... Vision Boards

*Thai bow* I met Erin, better known as Scandalous Beauty on Youtube in 2010, at an Iman Cosmetics event  in NYC. Her video on 'How to Make a Vision Board...Claim Your Goals and Dreams!' reminded me of my college vision book.

My vision book 2000 - 2001, had lots of wedding everything, cutouts on keeping a nice home and entertaining ... just stuff that interested me at that time of my life!  

Eleven years later.  Happy to be alive but where has the time gone? Who am I today?  What inspires me? How have I changed?

Looking back at that old vision book, I can't recall when last I picked up some crayons or paint!  I've lost that. One thing's certain, 2011 is calling me .... and I'm about to start a NEW vision book now in my thirties!   Gosh, I see all kinds of crazy already!

Here's my 2011 vision ... with no hesitation: 

I'm gonna be good to myself in 2011! You see, I made a deal with the devil at xmas that if I ate everything I wanted then, I'd bust my ass at least until March, exercising so that I can be the best accessory for my Trinidad carnival costume. So exercise for at least an hour a day!   

Followed up with taking extra care of myself. I'm going to spa myself to luxury in 2011. I'm aging for heaven's sake. Get it ... aging for heaven? LMAO. And my theme for 2011, "I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU" ... as not in you, but in myself. It's all about beautiful hair and skin. Drinking lots more water.

Adding to my amusement was during 'WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE - New Year's Eve Countdown' when host, Andy Cohen said, "Betty White is America's favorite G.I.L.F."  Think about it. Funny, yes. So, I'm thinking, I've reached MILF status. Believe me, I'm now working on someday qualifying for the title of Grandma.I.L.F.  LOL!

As long as I've known myself, my one wish for my life was and still is 'HAPPINESS.' Smiling faces, bright shiny days, humor and laughter. The older I get though, I love to 'Push Buttons!' It's my way of going against the grain of accepting and settling. I comfortably want to be different. Remembering the words used by both my parents to describe me, 'DEFIANT & FREE-SPIRIT.'

I am also working on changing my concept of time.  That needs a post in of itself.  'Cause that I'd really have to explain.  But I don't want time to control me!

Style in 2011 ... I see myself playing with color, texture and patterns. May it be the clothes I wear, or how I dress my daughter or decorate my home. I plan to REMIX ... wear clothes I've already worn, in totally different and fabulous ways!

... And c'est ma vie!  ... better yet, "CE SERA MA VIE!"

Here's a look at my 2000 Vision Book
double click on pictures for larger view
Been numerous times since I now live in Virginia, 30 mins away from D.C
Stamps from letters gotten from most likely my mom or grandmother,
... and check out this picture of my husband and I, back then.  LOL!
I had the lyrics for Imagine by the Beatles,
alongside my art, always thought they'd make perfect tattoos!
"Dream as if you'll live forever ... live as if you'll die today" - James Dean
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
Beauty Advice from Audrey Hepburn
If by Rudyard Kipling
I learnt this poem when I was 7 years old, 
I still have the original school book I wrote it in too
I have always loved the last verse
I followed politics even back then, especially after seeing President Clinton in 1996. I tallied the votes for various states, and discovered from one note that on Jan. 20 2001 was the 54th Presidential Inauguration. Also the day my husband asked my dad for my hand in marriage!
This lil' girl in that advert. had me look twice, she reminded me of myself!
Check out Kimora...
 So true!
I love lines ... 


 Some Chinese wisdom, according to my hubby
"Wise man say when head upside down, chin up!" LMAO.
... And some religious advice 

So I ask of you, 'WHAT'S YOUR VISION in 2011?'

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