84th Academy Award Nominees

My most favorite 'MOVIE' time of year, Oscar / Academy Awards season.

As mentioned before every year at this time, I will watch every movie in the following categories.

The 84th Academy Award Nominees were announced earlier today. I look forward to this time of year, I try to watch all the movies nominated in the following categories:

Best Picture 
Actor in a Leading Role 
Actress in a Leading Role

I have since extended it to watching the movies in the Best Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role.

I found a love and respect for the Academy. Ever since 2001, when The Academy nominated Denzel Washington for Actor in A Leading Role for 'Training Day' and Halle Berry for Actress in Leading Role in 'Monster's Ball'. I made it a point to watch both movies before the award show that year. ... And spent the night watching the show in a hotel room in Las Vegas, instead of enjoying the Vegas night life!

That year, I also watched every other movie nominated in Denzel and Halle's categories. I wanted to have an unbiased opinion about who gave the best performance for the Oscar. I did not want it to be a black thing. ... And rightfully both Denzel and Halle were the best that year, winning the Oscar. Since then I participate in the process. 

Looks like I have lots of movies to see before February 26, 'cause so far I've only seen 'The Help' and 'Bridesmaids'. Just LOVE this time of year, just because of Oscar!

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