DJ Cal El Presents The Brown Box - Piece of Cake Mix

My boy, DJ Cal El is back again in the new year with a new mix, The Brown Box - Piece of Cake Mix which he has not forgotten to share with me. I tend to love all his mixes, cause it speaks to my energy! I loved  'The World Tour 2,' one of my favorite DJ mixes.

"So I promised a good friend of mine that I would do a mix for her and in usual fashion I dilly-dallied until now. In my defence I did start it over when new songs came out... Anyways here it is, a mix inspired by "The Brown Box". Because it was inspired by my friend's energy, creativity and the crazy concept cakes she makes, I tried to match it all with some intense songs. I will admit this year has seen me put out more mixes than I ever have and because of the feedback from many of you, I took more inspiration from that and put some of 2011's best songs. Hope you guys enjoy it. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!" - DJ Cal El

DJ Cal El:

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