Bright Color ... Beat The Winter Blues!

An orange a day. A shot of bright color is the best way to beat the winter blues." —Lubov Azria

Ain't that the truth?  

... And Carnival Bootcamp is proving that by teasing all revelers in the following Trinidad 2012 sections!
Oye-ya-yo! Orange. L-R: Ronnie & Caro 'Freedom', Fantasy 'Legion', Explosion 'Phoenix', Tribe 'Santorini', Legacy 'Butterflies', DKrewe 'Haute Couture', Fantasy 'Dominions', Showtime 'Godiva'.

Bacchanal in Berry/Burgundy. L-R: Oasis 'Cherry Blossom', Ronnie & Caro 'Pharoah', Legacy 'Victoria Secrets', DKrewe 'Elegant', Bliss 'Bali', Harts 'Methe', Island People 'Inka'

Chippin' in Chocolate. L-R: Islandpeople Mas 'Wildheart', Showtime 'Tigress', Ronnie & Caro 'Cheetah', Harts 'Cybele', Islandpeople Mas 'Ki', Tribe 'Sun City', Harts 'Artemis'.

We pumpin in purple. L-R: Fantasy 'Thrones', YUMA 'Bejeweled Blitz', DKrewe 'Vogue', Ronnie & Caro 'Parasite', Tibe 'Sobe', Explosion 'Hekate', Spice 'Sarcee', YUMA 'Angry Birds'

Source: Carnival Bootcamp

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