Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout

Using Mari Winsor PILATES, my body slims down, gets sleek and sculpted. I have lost inches off my waist within 4 weeks when I actually took the time to take measurements prior to starting the program one time.

When I was younger, I loved cardio but as I've gotten older and with proven results, I have faith in this low intensity, calorie burning workout which I started in 2004. And it's strange, 'cause I am so not a fan of yoga.

My workouts generally must be short and sweet, not drawn out and hard. My trainer must explain in detail how to do the exercise to get the most out of it, must suggest variations from easy to hard, and must not annoy me!

I say that and P90X comes to mind. Tony Horton reminds me of the Joker in the movie The Mask ... he's just so animated, that he annoys me. Also P90X though it's a great workout ... its one hour workouts and high intensity, bore me and make me quit easily.  ... And what's the point of that, if I'm left on the mat watching others workout or the strong possibility of me just turning it off,  'cause I gave up?

Winsor Pilates offers me 2 options, an hour Accelerated Body Sculpting and a 20 Minute Workout. I love both but for the reasons mentioned above, I can easily commit to 20 minutes. I will consistently do the 20 minute program when there is a need to workout. More like a carnival to tone up for.  

So what joy to be able to share Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout in its entirety. Fortunately, I found it on Youtube.  Good thing, 'cause my DVD now has some issues.  I just hope ... it does not get removed!

 Thanks to PILATES and a very healthy diet.
My Workout & Diet Tips

.. And I think soon enough, I will share my advice and tips for a post baby body!
Yep, I've bounced back quite nicely from my son's birth on December 24th, 2011.
*Tongue out*


  1. You read my mind! Thanks for this. I have never tried pilates but I am willing to add anything new to my "carnival body" arsenal. Less than 4 weeks to go....

  2. Ha! I have been working out with Gilad and man have I been sore! That man is a machine. I will definitely try this video for the pilates work out tonight tho.