Just 4 Fun - Obsession

Never in a million years did I think I would love a 'BROWN' carnival costume. Not until Caribana 2008 when I jumped in the Carnival Nationz brown costume, Kacikie. 

Just 4 Fun's 2009 section, Obsession, was my first pick. And when another friend liked it too, we both thought we were in business. Yet, we had one more friend overseas who had to agree on Obsession too and she did not want to jump in that section!

... And anyone jumping with friends knows that the final costume selection is a group decision. Each person usually has their top three sections which is then narrowed down to one costume/section that every one can agree on.  Headpieces, the size of waist bands, bra straps, bra cups, color, skimpiness and exposure can all be factors for when deciding on a costume.  I've even had male friends warn, "Whatever you do, do not pick a pink section!"  LOL!

Anyway we've agreed on a section! AMEN. ... And when I reveal the section on The Sweet 7. *FIREWORKS!* LOL!

Life would not be complete, if I did not have fun with this section.  

Here are 3 Reasons to register in OBSESSION!
3. The hat is gangsta!
2. Band leader, Veil says it's the sexiest section!
1. It would compliment brown skin complexions, making the reveler appear naked!

UPDATE: Ladies, take note Obsession (brown) Male section is SOLDOUT!

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  1. the 'it' section!!!! way to go ny! the pinks are nice but they're never the 'it'. i like the hat. i never cared for neutral coloured costumes until i saw IP 07's 'sahara dust' (i think) beige costume. (im still in love w/ it :D) have fun!!!