Celebrity Style: Rihanna

Rihanna attended the 6th Year Anniversary of the Orchid Nightclub in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) on May 20th, Chris Brown was also at the event.

FYI. Montreal, QC is an hour and a half drive from Burlington, Vermont. 45 minutes from Burlington, Vermont to the US/Canadian border and then another 45 minutes from the border to Montreal, QC. Sometimes, I drive to the French City for dessert, maybe a lil' shopping and then drive back home to Vermont!
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On May 26th, I featured the very same dress in my "Sequins" post. Items that I thought were good additions to any Carnival wardrobe. After seeing Rihanna, rock this dress, I am definitely in love. A pity, I am not in love with the price tag!

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  1. Ahh, I also thought of your previous post. I don't like it :(