St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Frontline H.O.ism

During Trinidad Carnival, there are 'Frontline H.Os' which essentially are 'Frontline High Maintenance OverAchievers.' The idea is "GO BIG OR STAY HOME!"

Ex-Miss Universe, Miss Trinidad & Tobago Wendy Fitzwilliam played frontline with Harts on Tuesday morning in the section Zeal and then went on to play in Jean and Dinah on Tribe in the afternoon in 2007!

The sightings of the F.H.O, is not familiar to us in St.Lucia, during Carnival. The closest to the F.H.O in St.Lucia would be the female section leaders, although this year a few bands have female frontline and VIP sections!

Since, I have never been a F.H.O, muchless will I ever attempt to be one, the following is a must read for EVERY FEMALE carnival reveler. The following are tongue-in-cheek commandments and rules according to Prettidolli.

Commandments and Rules, continue here ...

Taken from Saucy's Trindad Carnival Diary website.

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