Theatrical Flair

More ideas for St.Lucia Carnival 2008.

Theatrical Flair
Loud and proud are the buzzwords for beauty this season; Nu-rave lips, orange nails and ridiculously long lashes lead the way. If you are one of those who follow strict beauty rules, throw caution to the wind and try truly theatrical make-up this summer.

Jewels added to a model's hair before the S&B Vie By Sass & Bide show 
 May 1, 2008 in Sydney, Australia

Rhinestones used as facial jewelry at the Tina Kalivas show 
May 2, 2008 in Sydney, Australia

Luscious Lashes
It has long been commonplace for catwalk models to wear false lashes to waltz down the runway but mere mortals are getting into the swing of it now that beauty brands are investing in the trend. Lashes open up the eye and change the shape of the face.

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  1. Hey Nyree.

    Am sure yu may have seen this too but Saucy posted Carnival Nationz band launching and there you see some outrageous make up as well. Take a look.

    And pay closely attention to the gold and purple with the 3 shabin girls on the 2nd page in the 1st column. I looove their eye make up!