Jeffrey Gamble Photography

Jeffrey Gamble is a New York based Award winning photographer and artist from St.Lucia. Gamble was exposed to photography at the age of 10, back in the early 80s. Gamble developed an interest in drawing. He migrated to the United States and in the ninth grade of US highschool, he soon was hooked on photography. He had no idea then that photography would have been his medium of expression.

Later he pursued professional training at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he excelled in his class and worked simultaneously with a number of renowned photographers.

His passion for photography became a career, which is still steered by an enthusiasm for his craft. Along the way his clients include Record Labels, Fashion Houses, Beauty & Lifestyle Magazines, models, actors, musicians who have grown with him over the years.

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Some of his notable photographic celebrities are Biggie Small, Jay Z, Usher, DMX, Faith Evans, Lisa Raye, Big Pun, Fat Joe and Ronald Isley (Mr Biggs).

His claim to fame is a momentous photo shoot with the Notorious One on the night that Ready To Die went platinum. These photos, locked away safely for a decade in Gamble’s portfolio, finally came to light, as the Biggie Duets project neared completion. Trace magazine featured the photos in its December 2005 issue, with a striking 10-page layout, capped by an unforgettable, symbolic cover shot of the Brooklyn-bred lyricist.

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The name, Jeffrey Gamble became familiar to me thanks to Bellemoun's, Karlyn Percil.

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