St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Rituals Band Launch

Rituals Band Launch is the only band launch that I have been to thus far. Rituals' costume colors are very vibrant! Quite nice! My pictures do not do much justice though, but check out my video from the band launching.

Continue here to view Rituals Carnival Band Launch Video & Pictures ...

Rituals Carnival Band is not the typical bikini band. This year the band is more revealing than past years which I like! There is one section, Dry Forest which has a pair of long pants for ladies not willing to bare it all. A Rituals reveler informed me that there are costume options: bikini, hot shorts, tankini, etc.

The VIP section, Rain Forest (green costume), when the costume models, paired up on stage, the male and female costumes completely complimented each other. Perfect for couples chippin' down the road, with the woman in front and the man behind! LOL!

Anyway I was able to network, meeting one of the band's designers, Perry Marshall. I also got to see the Kiddies Carnival Band costumes too. Fortunately, the pictures I took reveal the names of the section and the cost of each section.

The men seemed very comfortable in their costumes, while the ladies seemed shy. ...And the lil' girl modeling her kiddies costume, stole the show!

Background 2008 Music is by St.Lucian Calypsonian, Ashanti - Wine on Your Boom Boom

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  1. Again I see somebody I know...tee hee hee...w/ a nice sexy body!