St.Lucia 2008 Soca Music

Soca artiste, Mantius (Cazaubon)'s website has the latest St.Lucia Carnival 2008 Soca Music. I am loving Mantius' provocative soca tune, ' Skin to Skin.'

"In the song Mantius sings about "wanting de natural ting" and "wanting nutting to come between." Some are denouncing it as a publicity stunt at the risk of encouraging unprotected sex. In the short skit before the song starts, Mantius asks his girlfriend to accompany him to get tested. Yet, the critics think that's far from enough for a song which entire focus is about unprotected sex which could contribute to higher HIV cases." - St.Lucia Weekly

PAUSE my IMEEM Player at the bottom of this page, and press PLAY on this one. Enjoy!
St.Lucia 2008 Soca/Riddims/Music


  1. i lurvvvvvv party cyan done!

  2. I'm loving the music!!! Please add more songs as soon as you get them. I would join Just4Fun just for the theme song alone!..but alas I won't be home for carnival