Do It Yourself Carnival Boots

Here is a do-it yourself tutorial, "Carnival Boots."

Boots ... perfect for Carnival Divas!

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1. Sunburst Shortie Boot $49.99
2. Michael Antonio Smush Ankle Boots Gold $22.99
3. Steve Madden Touring Knee-High Boots Sand $59.99
4. Furry Trim Lace Up Wedge Boot $26.99
5. Metallic Live Free Boots $19.99
6. Bamboo Tinker07 Mid-Calf Boots Brown $19.99
7. Faux Sherling Strap Boots $25.99

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  1. Lol....I don't fink Lucian do boots, but I'll like to try someday. But for my 1st time (another century) I'll definately stick to sneakers. And don't you hate it when people spray gold on them???