Editor in Chief of King Magazine - Another St.Lucian

I am still in awe over 42 year old Stacey Dash's body on the cover of King Magazine. Today, I awoke to this message from one of my Sweet 7 readers,

"You know, the Editor in Chief of King is a Lucian. He's my cousin (no, really). Dee."

St. Lucia-born, Queens-bred journalist Jermaine Hall, after four years as Executive Editor of KING Magazine, is now the Editor-in-Chief of the Men's magazine.

King Magazine is sometimes called "The Black Maxim", even Hugh Hefner dubbed it "The Black Playboy." King Magazine is a monthly men's magazine geared toward African-American and urban audiences.

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It features articles about Hip-Hop and R&B, as well as articles covering sports and fashion. The magazine is mainly characterised by its lavish photoshoots, which usually feature scantily-clad women of color, often complete with an interview from the featured model. The subjects of these shoots range from professional models to well known musicians and actresses. The magazine is known for its disdain for the "Stick-figured" women used as models in other men's magazines, and often promotes the buxom and curvaceous figures of its models. The magazine almost exclusively uses pictures from these photoshoots as the cover of the magazine. It also features its cover with rappers sometimes, but mostly women from models to female rappers, including Trina, Keyshia Cole, Rocsi and former video vixen Melyssa Ford. It also features interviews from models, and rappers.

"You have to know your reader. I’m really interested in the presidential candidate's stance on health care but that’s not really a KING story. That shouldn’t be in the book whatsoever. One mistake editors make a lot of times is they'll take on things that are super close to their hearts, even when it isn't right for the book. It’s important to really know your reader," he says.

Jermaine Hall's first issue as Editor-In-Chief was the Ciara (March/April 2007) issue of King magazine. It was a pink backdrop with Ciara sucking on a lollipop, LL Cool J style.

Jermaine Hall's favorite cover was the Mya issue, that was when King Magazine saw a super jump in numbers. "The shot was executed really well and even though Mya had done her thing in music she was perceived as a good girl, so it was the first time people saw Mya in that light. We get so many letters for Mya it’s crazy. To this day people write in asking for that issue," he reveals.

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  1. i'm very impressed. He must know what he's about because he has a pitbull lol. Just kiddin congrats st lucia :)