St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Just 4 Fun - Blue Devil Tees

Just 4 Fun will give its revelers Blue Devil t-shirts to jump J'Ouvert (jouvay) on July 21, 2008. This all inclusive band will have some free pre-carnival season fetes. The Just 4 Fun experience ranges between EC$450-$475, while the VIP experience is EC$700.

Below are some videos showing the ladies how to cut up those tees!

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  1. That is 2 cute! I love my t's, but these t's are versatile and sexy! It's bike week here this month, and I might have to just start cutting up some t's to sell-lol

  2. Thanks for the posts.....We its Holiday time here in Bermuda and a few of us Soca ladies were looking for cute ways to cut up our promotion shirts for and event being held. This really helps. Soca time!!!