DRINK UP : NUVO & Ocean Spray Ruby Pomegranate

NUVO, first introduced to me by the Wendy Williams show. Now I can't seem to escape noticing the pink liqueur and its sexy, perfume-like bottle in music videos. ... And a FB friend who gets bottles of it, served at his table.  

Maybe I'm really late, but I drank NUVO for the first time yesterday. It's made with premium French vodka and a touch of delicate sparkling white wine and infused with passion fruit nectar. I'm not a VODKA drinker, it's my nemesis. It's the liquor which makes me want to swing from chandeliers.

Anyway it's never too late, to discover a new drink!  
It's what happens next that matters most ... DRINK UP!  

After knocking off the bottle of NUVO ...
I switched to the Martiniquan (french) rum, La Mauny and chased it with my new love,
Ocean Spray's 'Ruby Pomegranate' juice.  

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