Sweet Eyes ... It's All Random!

Another week of saving pictures and having crazy thoughts!

I was searching for how to get a smaller waist. Don't ask! Every time I measure for a carnival costume, both my bust and hips are the same. I often wondered if that was normal. According to this, I am an 'hour-glass' shape. Reminding me of Simpleton's "Coca Cola Shape," so I ain't mad.  WINK.  Figure out your shape.  ...And upon further thought, this little diagram may help you dress for your shape!

Speaking of Carnival ...

Isn't her body incredible?  

Oh, I loved their makeup ... 
A Brazilian Samba dancer & Melody Thornton
Click for larger view

Then this shoe, just got my attention.  
The stories to be had, and those to tell ... wearing these shoes,
Camilla Skovgaard Spear Plateau Sandal

Then NY Fashion Week Spring 2011 ... I have not kept up daily.
Here are a few of my favorites 

Peter Som ... love the yellow, shouts spring without the usual florals

Loved DKNY ... so classy and sexy, yet tom-boyish!

Never heard of ADAM ... but I liked this too

What I liked ... we probably can pull such pieces out of our current wardrobes
... And I have noted RED popping up!

... And This Zac Posen dress, makeup, lips on this dark skinned model.  LOVED.

Dawn Richards, formerly a member of Danity Kane
is probably one of the sexiest people I've seen in person.
She oozes sex appeal.
Currently a member of Dirty Money ...
I saw her body chain and thought I've got to make myself one!

Maybe you've seen enough ...
but this last picture struck me cause long skirts are supposedly all the rage this Fall.
What I liked is how she used a knotted belt to show a lil' leg action.
Other than that ... me no likey!

Available on either side of the pond!

Can't wait to see what next Sweet Eyes!

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