Sweet Eyes ... End of Summer, but still time to WORKOUT!

I usually save pictures on my desk top that catch my eye.  Most times ending up in my trash, when my desktop becomes too untidy. This weekend though, there are four pictures that are all aligned that I must share ...

On Saturday, L*Space posted this picture. ... And I thought, oh it's the end of summer!

Planet Blue posted this picture of what really goes on behind the scenes of their photo shoots. ... And 'though I love both looks, I love the one on the right.  
Sexy-Bad John, to me! Perfect for Fall!

Then, on Saturday afternoon, I had a burning desire to see my TRIBE 2011 costume.
I spent over an hour, with orgasmic rants and raves when I found this picture from Island Mix.

Only to wake up on Sunday morning and see this,
It's "A Day in the Life with Cover Model Rosa Acosta," according to Bossip.
Now talk about getting my butt in shape, for that which you've seen above!

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