L'Oreal True Match Liquid Makeup ... Cheap & Affordable!

This evening, when Youtube makeup artist Kandi posted a video for her favorite cheap drugstore makeup, I was thrilled cause it's exactly what I have been using for a couple of years. Tired of spending  tons of money on M.A.C foundation, I opted to try a drugstore brand which was L'Oreal True Match liquid makeup and I currently still use it.

Better yet, I mentioned L'Oreal True Match in 2 previous S7 posts; "Drugstore Makeup" in March 2007 and it even made my list of  "Favorite Drugstore Products" in November 2009.

I too, like Kandi keep 2 different shades in my makeup arsenal. Simply cause in colder months, my skin tone varies from the warmer months when I become a darker brown.  Yet, I loved what Kandi did in today's video, she's given me another option for my 2 shades, instead of using blush to contour.

I always use C6 (Soft Sable), and may use N7 (Classic Tan) in the winter months.
Also in the summer months if I don't want to wear the liquid foundation, 
I just use L'oreal True Match Concealer C6-7-8 (Medium/Deep)

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