Hungry for More: How to Manage Post-Workout Cravings

I've been working out for Miami Carnival, trying to get on track for Trinidad Carnival. Excited to mention in the last week, I've lost 4 pounds by sticking to Pilates. 

I've been toying with the idea of working out since the end of August.  I started with baby steps, cutting out a pack of bacon from my diet, 3 or 4 times a week.  Right now, I don't even have a pack in my house and I don't believe I will until after Miami Carnival.  

Two weeks ago, I started to work out ... basically figuring out what workout plan suited my needs, especially since my body is a bit rusty and out of shape.  I do Zumba when lazy but boy, do I sweat, and P90X (Legs, Arms, Abs) when I want to push myself to the limits. I'm not following the recommended P90X workout plan but I've been good, dedicating a maximum of an hour a day, 7 days a week to workout.

Problem is I'm hungry, right after working out. I hover over my fridge. Aware that this can be a problem, I've come up with ways to try to deal with the situation. I've stocked up on fruits to snack. I'll serve myself very little meat/ chicken or carbs, but I will stack on the veggies. I even find myself controlling the amount of dressing I pour on top ... And yes, I've started to drink water immediately after working out, and with every meal. I've now decided to add a frozen block of lime when I want that juice feeling, no lime/lemon juice, I add no sugar. ... And juice has become a treat of sorts.

Despite my attempts, I AM STILL HUNGRY.  

If you have the same problem.  Read this article, Hungry for More: How to Manage Post-Workout Cravings - when working out seems to only work up a bigger appetite, learn how to strike the right balance between the calories you take in and those you burn.

Maybe some day, I'll find myself at the body I once knew ... pre-baby!

UPDATE: P90X advice: If you find you are still craving food even after you've eaten as much as you are "supposed to" to stay on your program, try drinking water to clean the salt and flavor out of your mouth, or better still, brush your teeth, and you will effectively end the meal. If you're still hungry after that, your body may simply need more food.


  1. try to eat more fiber during the day because this will help with the full feeling. it is normal to be hungry after working out because ur body just used up its resources and you need to replenish. i like to always follow work-outs with yogurt and blueberries. also, don't cut our ur meats because u need that, but there are diff ways to prep them so that they are more healthy. also, this is a great time to add more veggies to your daily diet. i love bok choy and i tend to make most of my meals and snacks with it. there are so many diff ways to always ne nourished and feel full and be healthy without eating so many processed foods.

  2. Don't cut out the chicken, its good 4 u. I am doing a combo of P90X and Insanity. I REFUSE to give up my bacon and bread! I guess thats why everywhere on my body is firm and fit except my stomach!

  3. My trainer has said to have a protein shake afterwards. Your muscles need the protein to heal and fill you up at the same time.

  4. I don't know when you work out, but I work out (P90X) 1st thing in the morning bc I have an empty stomach. It's really best, & then you can of course eat after. :)
    But if 1st thing isn't possible for you, try a banana & peanut butter after your workout.