10 Richest Caribbean Dancehall Artists

"Hip Hop have their own mega stars who are raking in millions every year. The likes of Jay-z, Diddy and 50 Cent comes to mind. But Caribbean Reggae artists are making paper too. Urban Islandz readers have been asking who are the richest persons in reggae/dancehall. We have the answer to that question.

There are no doubts that if this list was for the all time richest reggae musician, the number one person would be Bob Marley. Marley, though is deceased is still richer than all the other reggae artists on the list combined. Bob is down in history as one of the richest dead celebrity. Well lets get down to business, we will start from number 1. The exchange rate is Ja$85.00 to US$1.00"   -  Get list here: Bounty Killa Among Richiest Dancehall Artist at $225 Million

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