How To Color & HighLight Your Hair

OMG ... when I get a thought in my head, I usually act.  Despite my monthly horoscope's advice, "Venus will enter Scorpio on September 8 and remain in your sign until January 7. Venus typically stays in a sign for about four weeks, not four months. The reason ... Venus will retrograde from October 8 to November 18. Even if you subtract the retrograde period, you will still have Venus in your sign much longer than most people do. JUST BE SURE NOT TO TAKE ANY RISK with your looks during Venus retrograde - no new radical changes in your hair, and no plastic surgery."  The latter I can't afford, so no changes there!  LOL!

But I laugh, cause I know me!  LOL! My mom calls me her 'free-spirit' and my dad uses 'defiant' to describe me as a child/teen.  I love it!  So needless, to say .. yesterday, I got the desire to color my hair, highlights really. So I went to the store, picked out a color and by evening I hunted for a Youtuber that embodied what I had in mind.  Preferably black ... basically someone familiar with black hair care and brave enough to go blonde.

Not only did I find her ... but just like Wendy Williams says, "I feel like we're friends in my head!"  She's already shared her hair and makeup tips.  She's already let me see her wedding montage.  I know that modeling is her deep passion and that she likes NYX Cinnamon blush.  We've also gotten personal, she's given me boobie advice just when I'm ready for those implants.  LOL!  Just kidding I don't want bigger boobs, but seriously she gave advice on her implants.  

... And with all that said, I am happy to introduce you to my girl (umm, still a friend in my head), TiaLuv29  .  In her Youtube profile, she writes, "Take me shopping, feed me and i'll love you forever lol." Ok, like seriously, that's something I would say "Shopping and food!" ... she's definitely a friend in my head!  I'm now willing to share her.  LOL!  Enjoy.

Since I found Tia after I bought a Honey Blonde color, I shall be coloring my hair again 
... with exactly what she uses!  LOL!

Here are my current results ...
I only attempted to highlight the top half, hence the crazy hair style!
... And ta-da!  

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