Sweet Eyes ... Hat Attack!

I seem to be enjoying this lil' segment, 'Sweet Eyes.'
This week, every picture which seemed to catch my eye,
all had one thing on common ... HATS!

 The beer of St.Lucia, Piton had an event! I loved this straw bikini and hat!
Source: Facebook Casualties

Jones Magazine - Fall 2010
Anais Mali & Sessilee Lopez

Mariacarla Boscono on cover Vogue Italia October 2010

... And in March, I got an email from a Sweet 7 fan, Nyoko who asked for my assistance in finding "a straw floppy hat with an extreeeeeemely wide brim." I did the post, 'The Wide Brim Hat.' Today, she emailed me again to thank me, attaching a few pictures of the hat that she purchased from one of my suggestions. The hat was used for a fashion shoot and used on the runway at Caribbean Fashion Week, in Jamaica but I'm only going to show you, Nyoko and the hat!
Thanks Nyoko, hit me up any time! 

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