Nail 2011 Trends & How To Videos

Moon Shapes - Tip: Sometimes you need more than a steady hand to get these moon shapes looking crisp. A nail art pen offers you more control if you can't manage a brush or use 3 ring binder stickers from your local stationary store. Video: How To Do A Half Moon Manicure.

Metallics & Gold Foil - Tip: Paint a layer of clear basecoat and messily apply gold foil onto your nail tips with a tweezer. Wait until dry, crumble the excess gold foil off, then secure with a layer of clear topcoat. To rock the look with gold polish, use a small piece of plastic to block the parts of your nail you don't want to paint, and randomly reposition it on your nail as you apply gold polish to the tips with short strokes. Videos: Basic Intro to Foils - Nail Tutorial & Nail Art Step by Step Pattern Guidance
Cushnie et Ochs - Spring 2011

Pop Art Graphics - Tip: For really precise graphic nails, visit a good Minx salon. If you're confident in your nail art abilities, invest in some opaque nail precision pens and go wild! Videos: Pop Inspired Nail Art Tutorial, Paint Splatter Nails and Neon Graphic Nails

Neutrals - Tip: Don't match the nude shade too closely to your skin tone, lest you want to look like you have mannequin hands. Go a few shades lighter or darker, and choose a color with a high gloss.

Decals - Tip: Some heavy-duty nail glue will ensure your decals stay put. Layer a fast-drying topcoat over to set everything in place. If you want the look but aren't ready to commit, look for polishes with large pieces of glitter for some subtler razzle dazzle. Video: Easy Glitter Decal Nails, Glitter NailsDecal Nails and Black, Teal & Blue Glitter Nails

My Nail Diary
Love Color,  Glitter, Hate to File (it annoys my teeth)!
Favorite Color ... Purple!
When I wear Black ... REBEL!
Hate RED .. so when I do wear RED, I'm making a statement.  LOL!

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  1. I liked the half moon when I 1st saw it several yrs ago. I must try it. An older lady who did it last year told me it was popular in the '60's.