Stylin' You

Who: Nichelle
Where: Toronto, Canada
Why: Nichelle was at a friend's birthday party. The dress code was beach wear. She chose this straw hat and white summer dress since she believes that she is too big to wear a swimsuit. She admits looking for a wrap to wear over her swimsuit but then saw the hats and loved them. So she picked up a straw hat and knew she had to get an outfit to go with it. Then she saw the white short summer dress in Zellers. Zellers is Canada's version of Walmart. She happily admits her outfit cost under $30 due to end of summer sales. Her perfume scent for the night was 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, this seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk promises to seduce from the very first encounter. In her hand is her new summer drink, Guiness.

Dulce7 says: Knock 'em dead!

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