A Lil' More about St.Lucian MODEL: MALA BRYAN

Not only is this St.Lucian model, Mala Bryan beautiful ... she was quite kind enough to immediately respond to my email, since I was interested in knowing a lil' more about her.

Only then, while typing me, did she realize all of what she has done, she types, " OH MY GOD!!!!! It just hit me." She is also quite surprised and super excited about her recent accomplishments. Yet, Mala Bryan has not lost her humility. She admits, " I am very shy so only my friends know about all I have done".

So when she proceeded to tell me about her recent location and jobs, I once again found myself, 'GOOGL'ING". Mala Bryan is currently in Cape Town, South Africa.

She has shot also for Marie Claire Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fairlady all in Cape Town, South Africa.

She recently finished a photo shoot for Brazilian VOGUE and 13 shows for the Cape Town Fashion Week.

Mala is heading to a Game Reserve in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa where she will be shooting a commercial for a German coffee, (Jacobs Coffee) and is now the face of that coffee. On Saturday, she heads to Johannesburg, South Africa to be part of Jo'burg Fashion Week.

Her photo shoot for Gottex Swimwear 2008, comes out in September '07.

Mala promises to send me some pictures from Cape Town Fashion Week and also her Gottex Swimwear 2008 ad.

So ladies & gents ... start buying the following magazines and products to support St.Lucia's very own model, Mala Bryan

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