Labor Day Weekend Bargains

Labo(u)r Day is dedicated in honor of the worker. Labor Day is also viewed as the official end of summer. While the Fall Equinox is still a couple of weeks away, kids go back to school and summer vacations are over. "No more cremees!" So this marks the end of the season. Many people celebrate this weekend with one last picnic or barbeque. It is also the date that many people close up the pool, and put away the boats. So have a wonderful weekend!

Beach Sexy Top $10 & Bottom $9

Striped Clutch $9.99

Lenox Flat $25

Peacock Tank $14.99

Lux Bright Cavas Resort Short $14.99
Rope Tank $12.99

Ivory Bone Cutwork Earrings $7.99

Stripe Mini Dress $25.74

Harbour madras ruffle cover-up $19.99

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