Super Foods for New Moms

New moms: Stave off hunger, boost energy, and eat up!
The 5 foods you should be eating.
(I only now got this memo. Where was it when I just gave birth?)

1. High-fiber cereal (Every day)
A bowl at breakfast will satisfy hunger and help prevent constipation, a common problem for new moms, since breastfeeding hormones can slow down intestines.

2. Eggs (Every day)
To help shed baby weight, eat eggs for breakfast. Doing so could help you eat fewer calories the rest of the day

3. Flank Steak (Up to three times a week)
Beef is packed with iron and zinc, two important minerals for regaining your energy and producing breast milk. Flank is one of the least fatty cuts, providing more nutrients for your calorie buck. Try it grilled and sliced over salad greens. More of a poultry person? Give dark meat a chance. Although it's higher in fat and calories than white meat, it packs twice the amount of zinc and more iron

4. Wild Alaskan salmon (Once or twice a week)
It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and can aid in your baby's brain and eyesight development if you're breastfeeding.

5. Spinach (Eat as often as you like!)
This most-nutritious leafy green contains two essentials new moms need: Folic acid, which helps produce new blood cells, especially important for women who experienced lots of blood loss during delivery, and manganese, which aids in the development of bone, cartilage, and collagen -- key for c-section recovery.

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