Here Comes TRIBE!

I have played with Trinidad Carnival Band TRIBE since it was launched in 2004. Every year since then, I start off with the best intentions by August or September to play with TRIBE in February, of the following year. I have even jumped with TRIBE, PREGNANT! Only to have friends discover ... simply cause of the enormous size of my breasts in pictures. That's how much I love playing mas with TRIBE!
Anyway in 2007, my husband was reluctant for us to play mas, 'cause our daughter by then, would have only been 5 months. So I swore that 2008 would be my year, to make my so-called RETURN! Haha, well once again, it looks like in 2008, I won't be masquerading down Trini streets in TRIBE's barely there, revealing costumes. Costumes that require any woman to desire putting her best foot forward, by committing to a good excercise routine and strict eating habits. Instead I'm off to Jamaica for a friend's wedding! Hey, still fun ... none the less!
TRIBE, like most other Trinidad Carnival Bands, launches months in advance before the big festival, usually held in February. Like Mardi Gras, it's the Monday & Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
So I would like to introduce you, to my Trinidad Carnival Band, TRIBE and their 2008, theme is 'Myths & Magic'.
Do visit TRIBE's website online, there are lot more where those came from (MEN CAN PLAY TOO!)

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