For baby ... now on the go!

It's hard to believe my daughter will be a year, next month. So now, I feel we have a new baby from when she was first born. Now she has teeth and walks, and soon enough she will be talking too! So I like the idea of these 2 products.

The Clean Shopper $29.95 and up

Protect your baby from germ-ridden shopping carts and grimy restaurant high chairs with the original, patented and award-winning Clean Shopper and Clean Diner, by Babe Ease, LLC (the original manufacturer!). Invented by a mother who once was getting ready to put her baby into a shopping cart, then saw a man sneeze into his hands and continued to proceed to touch the shopping cart with dirty hands. Wide selection (one-piece shopping-cart covers and high-chair covers) ranging from; the Original Clean Shopper, The Supersoft Clean Shopper, The twins Clean Shopper & The Disposable Clean Shopper. Easy to use, machine washable, and stylish. And they have a line of coordinating accessories to make traveling with babies even easier!

Packin’ SMART $19.99
How quickly can you prepare formula feeding on-the-go? Do you ever need to resort to satisfy your toddler’s hunger with a bag of crushed Cheerios? How bulky is your diaper bag? Store and carry pre-measured formula and dispense easily with Packin’ SMART. Keep all feeding needs in one convenient unit. Great for baby-sitters, grandparents, and night-time feedings.
· Infant formula
· Infant cereal
· Dried fruits/veggies
· Baby vitamins
· Snacks
· Disposal bottle accessories
· Pacifiers
· Baby toothbrush
· Baby Orajel

Also great for use in the kitchen, gifts, office, pets, kids, hobbies, snacks, health

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