How to Make a Bling Cup

Ever since Lil Jon and Bishop Don Juan introduced the 'Pimp Cup' to today's pop culture, it has quickly become the 'must have' item, especially for carnival. While you can purchase these online, it's quite simple to make your own, more personalized, bling cup.

Thanks to cell phone companies, you may have one of these cups at home. According to Saucy, "The metal of the cup made it great for apply decorations with a hot glue gun, and the handle has a neat feature which can clip on to a string or in my case my pouch." If you do not have a glue gun, I suggest some crazy glue. Use feathers, sequins, rhinestones, boa fur, etc. Just be creative!

Mystique's and Saucy's bling cups for Trinidad Carnival 2008:

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