Qpid - Take That Video Premiere

Qpid's new video "Take That", produced by Penn & Ace of SLU Records.

The video features St.Lucian celebrities Cherry L, MC Scady, Little Ginger and a new mystery guy starring in the role of Q-pid's horner man, Gregory Joseph. The video for 'Take That' was produced by ACCELA MARKETING and directed by Davina Lee.


  1. after cherry l, who r those ppl?

    me lorrves it! i still wanna no who came up with the lucian cheaters. that still cracks me up every time i think of it!

  2. While I appreciate the little comedic innuendos in this and Denise Belfon's "Licks", my take is can we please move past videos like this. I loved the video Accela produced for Shane Ross, the quality was than local, more than regional even and that's evident in the fact that it has played on BET Jazz. I'm a very big proponent of producing at an international level. I'm well aware that the budget may not always permit put that's where the CREATIVITY and ingenuity comes into play. The songs are on point and the videos may work locally and maybe even regionally as well but I feel the videos fall short from an international point of view. I'm pleased to see our artistes taking the initiative and that next step though. As far as soca music videos go I see St Lucia leading the way on that front in the region pretty soon.