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Picking a Carnival costume is one ordeal, but finding the perfect makeup to match is a whole other story.

I am a huge fan of M.A.C makeup. If Vermont had a MAC counter, I probably would spend my money there. Unfortunately, the nearest MAC store to me is a 1 1/2 drive to Montreal, or a 3 hour drive to Boston, or even a 3 1/2 hour flight to Miami. Basically, these are the three cities that I allow to enable my MAC addiction.

"So why not run to your nearest drugstore?" ...And my answer is, "I live in Vermont! People hardly wear makeup. So I don't have the luxury of seeing something in magazine and then walking into a store and finding it the next day! Also I sometimes don't get products that match my skin tone."

That reminds me, every time a store shelf has Black Pantene hair products, I fill my cart because I am not quite sure when I will find it again. LOL! Basically it's me and every other black person in the state looking for the same products. So when I see Black Pantene, I pick it ALL up!

So back to makeup. As much, as I love MAC makeup, paying $14 for an eyeshadow in some crazy and exotic color is ludicrous. So I surfed the internet and by mere luck, I found Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Today, my Jesse's Girl Cosmetics package arrived and I paid no more than $3.99 for each.

Want to see me try my new makeup? Continue here...

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics is a more affordable substitute to MAC makeup. Their colors are just as vibrant and exotic.  Available at your nearest, RITE AID.

Here's what I got ...

Testing, testing ...

Jesse's Girl

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  1. ooooh nice? Wait, ure playing in the purple section ryt? Well all u need are the gems and u good to go. dont forget the sites i recommended. even though u seem to be an expert at this!