St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Atlantis' Costume Differences

There are changes in Atlantis Carnival Band's original costumes and the new ones on their website. Below are the differences, I have noticed between Atlantis' original (L) and newer costumes (R):

Click on images for larger view.

Land of Gods
The newer headpiece is larger. It has more feathers and a deeper green feathered headpiece. The beads hanging from both the bikini bra and bottom are longer and thicker in the newer costume.

This was originally the orange section which is now orange and black. The entire costume is different from the original all-orange costume.
Sea of Life
The newer headpiece looks smaller than the original. The newer headpiece has darker blue feathers in the headpiece than the original.

Zues' Gold has remained basically the same.

Since Pseidon was not originally released when the band first launched. There was nothing to compare this current costume to.

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  1. the pseidon is nice. the model looks very foreign. but i don't like wat used to be all orange, its the same as pseidon in dif colours and these ppl had just lost my $$$. please tell me thats frontline, because id be VERY FURIOUS as a masquerader if i register for a nice simple sexy green and they give me this load of s***. these bandleaders have some 'splaining to do!

    btw where's the professor?

  2. Awe tis good to be missed lol, thanks nicky.
    Don't think I've commented much on Atlantis thus far but seeing as my input has ever so subtly requested I guess there's no time like the present to shed some insight on this "unprecedented and dynamic Ultra VIP Carnival Band". By the way I'd still really love to know what they mean by that and how they intend to deliver on what seems like a promise to go above and beyond what's presently being offered by other bands.
    Well 1st off other than the Atlanteans section I don't really have issue with the other sections and the changes or lack there of made to them. I will however say that although I like all their headpieces I feel like the ostrich plumes used look rather cheap, for want of a better word. My hope is that the revellers actually do get theses headpieces and not some watered down version with 3 plumes as opposed to 8 or whatever. It's been known to happen so for their revellers sake let's hope it doesn't. But onto the matter of the Atlanteans costume. I was originally thinking when I saw this blog entry that this was pretty late in the season to be making such drastic changes to a section that persons would have already undoubtedly expressed interest in and had paid for in part or in full by now. But then I checked their site and saw in their gallery that they'd actually had this new version of the costume on display at the official carnival launch a couple weekends ago, so in terms of the timing of this move I guess it wasn't all that bad. The change however is still very extreme, quite frankly it's a whole new costume and should have been introduced as such. I'm not sure why they had to make the change but I'm feeling like they could have kept the orange and brought on this black 1 as a 6th section, maybe just change the orange accent color to another that they didn't already have in their portrayal color scheme. I actually like this new costume though.
    I do have some other thoughts on Atlantis and 1 of them has to do with their waist bands. I noticed the back of Zeus's Gold in 1 of the pictures in their gallery and saw that they used what I'll refer to as a 1 piece waist band and that it didn't go all the way around the model. Now it could have been that the waist band may just have been too small for this rather petite model, in which case my question would be who exactly are they hoping it to fit if it couldn't fit this particular model, but if that's not the case, then that's a potential issue. I'm seriously doubting that the problem was the waist band being too small cause why would you wanna misrepresent the look of your product to such a large audience. These 1 piece waist bands pose a problem in my opinion when it comes to getting the right fit cause they could either be too long and over lap too much or too short and leave you bare-assed like it did that model. We know persons come in all different shapes and sizes and so the obvious solution would be to have the waist bands made in different sizes then leave it up to the individual to adjust the fit with either velcro, twine or whatever, but you definitely don't want your revellers bare-assed. I think 2 piece waist bands are better, you still have to make different lengths but at least you get a complete look in front and back and the adjusting is made to the sides which makes it easier to get a better individual fit and is not as bad in the off chance that the ends of the front piece and back piece don't meet. But that's just a personal preference. I know that most of the revellers that they're hoping to attract like skimpy costumes but I'm pretty sure not too many of them are hoping to go down the street with a waist band that falls short of covering their entire behind. There's also very little coverage in the front as well for some of their sections. Again I know their target market like the barely there look but I also know that they want and would feel way more comfortable with at least some coverage in front and back.
    I also have serious issue with Atlantis's poor, lackluster and mediocre male costumes. I mean come on now, is someone seriously supposed to pay for that and be in the least bit excited, impressed or satisfied by it. We all know that men are not as fussy as women when it comes to their costumes, as long as they have enough women and liquor they're pretty much covered lol. You'd often find them making the comment that you could just give them a pair of shorts and they'd be good but regardless, their money is just as hard earned and some consideration should be paid to that fact. Now if anything need changing I'd definitely say the mens costume need a serious upgrade because right now they look like cheap after-thoughts.
    Other than that my only other qualm is an issue I may have touched on in a prior post, that of the skimpier bands expecting anything to pass as what they claim it to be. I'll clarify, what about the Land of Gods costume for example depicts its title other than the fact that it's green and you can find greenery on the land. Now I'm not expecting them to give you a forest to wear but can the revellers at least get something just as skimpy, yes, but a little more CREATIVE.