St.Lucia Carnival 2008: has Launched!

With the official launch of St.Lucia Carnival 2KGr8, has launched too!

When I was home, St.Lucia in May, band leaders mentioned talks to start the parade route from Caribbean Cinemas in Union, Castries. Hmm? Yesterday, at the official carnival launch, Teddy Francis confirmed that revelers can expect a longer parade route, due to the increase in the number of Carnival Bands, from the usual 6 to 12 bands, this year.

Teddy Francis did hint that most likely the parade will not start from Caribbean Cinemas in Union, but it would be up to the Police to set an adequate route! So ladies, even gents ... work out and tone up. We are in for a very exciting St.Lucia Carnival 2KGR8!

"My Band is De Best" by Dj Sir Lancelot and "Socarities" by DJ Pringles were the hot songs at the official launch! One person in the chat room, even joked that they changed into a bikini, so that they could wine down their house. LOL!

I also enjoyed The Viking (Frost)'s presentation of "Rraaaar Rraaar", some in the chat room were not impressed. Others like myself, fully enjoyed it. *Raaaarrrr, Brrrrrrrrr! LOL!*

"My Band is De Best ... Just 4 Fun." LOL! Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed Toxik's presentation and costumes. That last costume looked so much like a "Frontline H.O" costume. Before you're offended it means "Frontline High-Maintenance OverAchiever!"

A must-read Sweet 7 Post: Frontline H.O.ism

Best male costume, goes to Mosaic...HD's blue male costume. Oohh that was a sight to behold. LOL!

To my friends who were online from 3PM till 11PM last night; Toots, Insane, Ted, Piton, Esc, Jelani, Grlly, Roaks and Fantasys ... SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

*All the music mentioned is available in my St.Lucia Soca Playlist, at the bottom of this page.


  1. Hey girl. I wished I coulda sit and watch but if only my PC gets back to it's behaviour and if I didn't have exams. And truss....Insane is not gonna be there this year, like always!

    I heard a rumour of that last year, that they may start by the Cinemas, but isn't that a tad bit too far?? How will this affect the judging-will the revellers be waaaay wiped out? (Maybe not-it's carnival!) I think they should start by Compre instead-it's a great gather up spot since it's a school and a good location-even if it's close to the Cinemas. Ohh I wish I was going down this year! :'( :'(

    Happy jumping, take a wine for me!

  2. Wow, news that finally the route is going to be paid attention to is long overdue in my opinion. Those small winding streets of Castries just don't cut it so it was bout time they explored alternate options. A longer jump along the highway, while it may create traffic issues to and from the city for drivers who'll now have to go around the parade, should prove most welcoming to the thousands of revelers. If the parade will be starting as far back as it is being proposed I guess it'd make sense to have judging either on the market steps or in the boulevard. It'd be a shame to lose that stage element that we all love, and which revelers in Trinidad have missed for 2 years now, so it'd be nice if the could erect or devise something that'd give the same feel. Structurally I'm not sure how it'd work cause you'd need something sound enough for safety reason foremost but then consideration must be taken to the fact that prior to after the parade traffic must gain access to these street areas so the structure must be one that could be dismounted & erected in the space of up to an hour I suppose. But I don't know, it's all speculation. I guess the official word should be coming soon. If it is they're still going into Marchand onto that of so wonderful stage that they've erected then wow what a trek lol, good luck to the bands getting their revelers to that stage with at least 75% of their costume in tact lol. In that case I guess the bands would make their to the market area, move alongside the side, turn left in front the market, straight down to the Chaussee (I'm so sure that I butchered the spelling, my bad), then onto the Marchand grounds, take to the stage then back into the city skipping the Entrepot leg of the route. Again wow lol, after all that liquor everyone will be speaking like Vikings lol BBBRRRRRRR
    The opening of carnival was too long by the way. What killed it for me was the substandard performances of some of this years hottest tracks. The songs keep getting better but I can't say the same bout the delivery by the artistes. They're trying and getting better and I commend them but ... but ... ugh. Top marks to presentation put on by Toxik though, they really stepped it up above and beyond all the other bands. I was really impressed. Not sure what I was expecting but I was a bit underwhelmed by Mosaic HD. I'll wait till their site is up and I can see their pictures though. From what I could see of St Lucian Spirits I think they're in the running for band of the year. I love bands like Just4Fun, Red International etc and I'd jump with them over bands like Spirits or Mas Action but you know their style of mas won't exactly win them band of the year titles.