St.Lucia Carnival 2008: St.Lucian Spirit

The St.Lucia Spirit Carnival Band website is still not available. Yet, I got pictures of their 2008 theme, Mexica.

Mexica (pronounced Mee-she-Ka), the Aztecs referred to themselves as the Mexica. The Aztecs (Mexicas) were the native American people who dominated northern México at the time of the Spanish conquest led by Hernan CORTES in the early 16th century.

Information and registration forms can be obtained from any of the St.Lucia Spirit Carnival Band section leaders or the Band Leader, Joan Hinkson. Register at Accessory Closest next to Burger King on Jeremie Street, Castries, St.Lucia.

All sections are EC$385. Register before July 1, and pay only EC$365.

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Contact Band Leader:
Joan Hinkson

FaceBook Group:

Section Leader: Yannick St Juste

Ceremonial Dancers
Section Leader: Mindy Alexander

Section Leader: Bev Charlery

New Fire Ceremony
Section Leader: Jackie Callendar & Eyelle LasCaris

Jade Empress
Section leader: Joanna St Juste

Conquistadores Version One

Conquistadores Version Two
Section Leader: Danny Stephens


  1. Heeeeey! I'm a section leader???? Well, I like my section and the green 1 as well. Cheapest band on the road, I guess there's some hope. But then again I wanna know what kinda gas and food they're buying! Boy I'm so mean. I need help.

  2. Not bad, not the nouveau carnival costume style but not bad nonetheless. Like I said in a previous post, all the bands can't go the route of panty, bra, beads & feathers. The portrayal seems true to the subject matter & i can appreciate that. If there's 1 thing that i'm a huge advocate of is having your portrayal remain true to the subject regardless of how skimpy or otherwise your costumes are. Now I'm not talking the literal portrayals of the 80's where if your section was called hibiscus you'd have a huge hibiscus on your head or back or whatever but don't just put out red beads & green feathers & try to tell me that's a hibiscus costume. So on that end I appreciate St Lucian Spirits portrayal, however, Mexico is a rich portrayal concept that deserves a little more elaboration. If you watch the movie Apolocalypto or view any pictures of native South Americans you'll notice that their mode of dress was a ornate and so it'd have been nice to see that come through a some more in this portrayal.

  3. The band is not themed on Mexico (the country) 's history but Mexica (pronounced Mee she Ka) which is another name by which the Aztec civilization go by ( google it)

  4. Thank you lyla for the clarification. As per your suggestion I did look up Mexica online & you're quite right with your Aztec reference. After referencing my point on a hint more elaboration still stands though. I still very much appreciate Spirits portrayal but look at the pictures in these links and tell me you don't agree that the portrayal could've been a lil richer: ; ; ; ; ; ;

    These are all images that popped up when I googled Mexica.

  5. The link to the pictures you posted are very impressive at showing off something very "Aztec", but what we are portraying have a St lucian twist to it as well as many other factors which range from including enough glitter to satisfy this years "genre" of judges( sometimes unfortunately)as well as economic factors which must! be incorporated because afterall we're not jumping only for us [band organizers] but for Everyone. But we appreciate the comments and hopefully next year we can hit even closer to our target theme

  6. Also forgot to ad thanks to Sweet seven for the additional no charge no request publicity we received! ITs much appreciated

  7. Lyla, as a child St.Lucian Spirit was the one Carnival Band that my parents let my brother and I tag along with along the Carnival parade route to town. So I have such history with Aunty Joan's band. LOL!

    What really struck me this AM, although we do not know each other is that your band is probably the first and only band to thank me, thus far.

    Thanks. I am touched.

  8. I also appreciate you taking the time out to clear the air and to take my comments and suggestions into consideration. I know all to well the task of making sure that you keep your cost factor to a minimum as I've had a little experience in the costume designing ring. So all the best to you guys this year and in the future.