The Carnival Pouch

The POUCH is a small "Survival Pack" on the road. Carry your essentials: vex money, lip gloss, cell phone, blotting sheets, makeup powder, sample sized sun block, wet wipes, safety pins, pain killers, clear nail polish (for stocking runs on the road), camera and keys. A husband or boyfriend also known as a "man purse" can be utilized for carrying of the pouch as well. And finally don't be afraid to add some extra embellishments to your pouches by way of some "bling", sequins, feathers or beads... you know the motto.. Go Big or Stay Home!

Ways to wear the pouch:

1. The pouch could then be worn attached to the waist band

2. Attached to the wrist

3. Extended with a longer string and strapped across the body

Source: Trinidad Carnival Diary
Pictures Source: Tee Murphy (

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