MACO Caribbean: The Sweet 7 Writes about "St.Lucia Carnival 2008"

Yes, I kept this quiet, but on Thursday June 12, 2008, The Caribbean "Architectural Digest-like" MACO Caribbean Living Magazine featured my article "St Lucia Carnival 2008 - July 18-22".

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P.S  I am a subscriber for years.  My first subscription was a gift from my mom. I suppose since she would not be around to guide me, she felt MACO would.  LOL!  


  1. congratz nyree! that was a great article. and i better understand the new route and i think its cool n fair. can't wait....2K10 go see me! LOL do u have any writing background watsoever, perhaps took a lil journalism here n dere in college? lol

  2. CONGRATS NY!!!! I'm sooo proud of you! Big 'tings a gwan babygirl!