On Cloud 9 - Birds of A Feather...

So I have not even gotten off my St.Lucia Carnival high, when I got hit with the TRIBE 2009 band launch. My girl, The Sauce author of Trinidad Carnival Diary is on top of things with pictures, etc even before the TRIBE website's official launch.

Next year, I want "No Clothes" like Alpha, but I'll settle for lots of feathers though!

I am excited! My favorites in no particular order are Pheasant, Caged Canary, Bird of Paradise, Golden Dove, Green Honeycreeper, Kiskidee, African Love Bird, even Brazilian Macaw.

So now I await on the official TRIBE website launch!


  1. yes, i can't wait!!! *sigh*

    your blog is great!!! keep up the great work!!

  2. I must say that I'm a super huge fan of Tribe so I was counting down the days to their launch lol & it was Saucy to the rescue with her live up to the minute coverage. Of course my initial reaction was "wow I love the portrayal" but then after I calmed down I was like ok there is definitely no shortage of feathers in this portrayal (if you're one who's particular bout keeping your costume pristine then fingers crossed it doesn't rain lol, Saucy has a remedy for waterproofing your feathers though lol) but yeah like I was saying, I think the costumes are super sexy for sure but the majority of them really don't give me that whole bird vibe on 1st glance, they just mostly look like alot of really sexy costumes with alot of feathers. The headpieces are really awesome though, I definitely get the whole bird vibe coming across there. Now before I continue, note that I'm not expecting literal interpretations of the birds, not by any means, I wasn't, I was just expecting to look at any 1 of the sections & be like yes this is definitely this bird.
    My personal favorite is definitely (I've used this word too many times in this post lol)Bird of Paradise, as a guy this is my 1st choice. It's also 1 of the hottest female sections, the FL is hot hot hot. A definite "A+".
    Pheasant is ok "C", Spangled Cotinga is better than ok "B" but not as wow as BoP & it's unfortunate that the same designer designed a very similar costume, same bathing suit style & color, shame shame shame lol. Wild Parrot is simple & sexy "B+/A-" this male costume would be an option for me as well. Kiskadee is an "A" for the women, the FL headpiece is super & the BL stands it's own. I'm not crazy bout Blue Tanger "C" but I'm sure the ladies who can't play in any FL section will appreciate that this BL has feathered shoulder attachments. Flight of the Ibis is sexy but misses the "bird" mark in my opinion, the male section better captures the whole bird vibe "C". Green Honeycreeper is a hot 1, the headpiece is super hot, I'd play in this male section as well "A". Hummingbird captures the essence of the hummingbird for sure but it's not 1 of my favorites though "C+/B-". Flamingo is just ok, sexy but doesn't do the bird justice "C", I'd consider this male if I didn't get any of my 1st choices. Golden Dove is just ok as well, the bathing suit style is reminiscent to Isis from this years Myths & Legends portrayal, it's the same designer so that may explain it lol & this male too I'd only consider if I didn't get any of my 1st choices "B". Caged Canary is an "A" hands down, the FL is tres tres cool, this male is at the top of the list of sections I'd choose if I couldn't get my 1st choices, I put it at the top cause of that list cause I know the women in that section are gonna look way sexy. Night Owl is another just ok section "C". African Love Bird is another that's better than ok but not as wow as BoP & CC "B", it's another that backline revellers will appreciate for it's feathered shoulder attachment, the male is in my 2nd choice list as well, probably 2nd to the CC male. Ruby Topaz is a hot number for sure "A", the headpiece reminds me of Isis (again) from the Myths & Legends portrayal & the costume in general is kinda like Mystique from this year as well though. Brazilian Macaw's FL really captures the bird with the headpiece, shoulder attachment/backpack & leg bands but the BL misses the mark, it's just a sexy costume, not much "birdyness" to it "B" the male is on my 1st choice list though, the chest piece is something along the lines of what I would expect to see at least 1 of the female sections look like, a lil sexier of course but you get the idea, cause you know how some birds puff up their chest & it's all feathery & majestic & what not lol. There seems to be a Phoenix section & Snow Owl but it may just be for an individual cause I haven't seen any regular FL, BL or male costumes for either of the 2.
    Well that's my analysis lol, long live TRIBE, goodnight lol.