"Go Big or Stay Home" ... continues

I am getting emails and calls from ladies who missed the "Go Big or Stay Home!" event. To order please indicate the item number, name, and quantity. Please include your full name, email address and phone number.  Email: TheSweet7@gmail.com or Call 758.488.5779.  I will then prepare your order. Cash only payments. There are few items left, so first come, first served! Orders will be held for 24 hours or else sold.

Updated: July 16, 2008

Pouches EC$10 each

2. Body Jewel Tattoos from India EC$20 each

3. Red Eye Brow Jewel Tattoos from India EC$15 each

4. Arm Jewel Tattoos from India EC$25 each
1. Orange Red Arm Jewel Tattoo

5. Glitter EC$3 per pack
1. Brown
2. Black
3. Light Blue
4. Fushcia

6. Eyelashes EC$15 - $30
(How To Apply Fake Eyelashes)

Plain Eyelashes EC$25
(Perfect for ALL Year Round!)
1. 90 Black Eyelashes
2. 95 Black Eyelashes

Rhinestone Eyelashes EC$25
1. Stunning Eyelashes
2. Glamorous Eyelashes
3. Romantic Eyelashes
4. Sophisticated Eyelashes

Gold or Silver Eyelashes EC$25
1. Gold Eyelashes
2. Silver Eyelashes

Individual Eyelashes EC$30

Jewels EC$5 per pack

Indicate the color you want:
1.Tanzanite 2.Sapphire 3.Fuchsia 4.Blue Zircon 5.Topaz 6.Citrine 7.Aquamarine 8.Peridot 9.Light Siam 10.Topaz 11.Crystal

Indicate the color & size you want:
Crystals (3 sizes: 16ss or 20ss or 34ss)
Amethyst (20ss)
Golden Shadow (20ss)

Adhesive Glue to Stick Face Jewels EC$7
1. Eyelash Glue Tube $7

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