Herb Black Released from Calypso Jail

Herb Black has always been a favorite of St.Lucian calypso fans but Herbie has never been able to win a title, until this year.

Herb Black won the St.Lucia Carnival 2KGreat Groovy Soca Monarch title with his popular song Suzette and he used that song along with “Wha You Bringing” to capture the more coveted Calypso Monarch title too. He also placed second in the Road March Competition and won The People's Choice Award with Suzette.

Now that Suzette has swept the nation, Herbie has a nice compilation CD of some his music from over the years.

This CD is available for sale. Support Herb Black and buy his "Calypso Jail" CD.

Leslie Charles
Herb Black's Manager

or Visit StLuciaTunes.com

EXCLUSIVE: Listen here:
Calypso Jail - Herb Black

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