My brush with an American Idol!

Travelling between St.Lucia and Vermont is an ALL day ordeal. Then add the baby, it begins to border on torment. I used bordering only because Ava-Sol is a great lil' traveller. LOL!

Airports are always quite entertaining, I sit back and watch the outfits, the stuck up people, the too cool for school types, the ones who let you know they just got back from vacation, the business (wo)men who are always on their cellphones, and then there are people who simply look bonkers as in crazy!

Anyway yesterday, I was fortunate to meet Nate from Malone, N.Y. with his guitar as he serenaded Terminal C, Gate 28 in Washington D.C's Dulles Airport. He and I both were waiting for more than 3 hours for our Burlington, Vermont flight. Nineteen year old Nate is "going to Hollywood!" Yep, he may possibly be the Next American Idol. Nate got a fast pass from American Idol Executives and is off to Hollywood in October. So vote for Nate!

My daughter snacked on tortilla chips, Nate sang numerous songs, while I was multitasking; I was online and recording. Nate sang Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" in my video. Like a MSN friend told me, "Only you, only dem types of tings does happen to you!"

Good luck Nate! Muahhh!


  1. I love to people watch too-lol Great descriptions!

  2. Thank you sooo much for videoing Nate singing "Bleeding Love". He's from my hometown and I know him. He's a great person and very talented. I love watching and listening your video. Don't we all think he should have at least been picked instead of "Tatiana" for another chance (by the judges?)

  3. Hi Norma,

    It was really a great 3 hours spent in an airport with Nate. I could not help but video at least one song. Last weekend I drove by Malone on my way to Toronto, and thought so much of Nate and your lil' town.

    I was so disappointed when he did not make it. And I so agree that Tatiana should have gotten the boot a long time ago!

    Thanks for your comment!