EXCLUSIVE St.Lucia Soca 2008: "I'm On De Truck!" by Kakle

Just when I thought, I could not have any more St.Lucia Carnival 2008 Soca favorites, Kakle featuring Tricia George singing the hook, took me by storm with this one ...

I'm on de truck - Kakle

Produced by St.Lucian Slaughter Arts.

I want to see a video for this one! Hey, they can put me on the truck. LOL!

Sweet 7 Post: Slaughter Arts


  1. I like this track as well, pretty cool. It has that "beyond St Lucian shore" quality that I always look for in our music. However I feel like it's a little lacking in that extra umph, you know that jump & wave & get on bad element that'd take you deep over the edge & make this a hands down, no ifs, buts or maybes about it road march smash that'd do to the soca genre what Pressure Boom did to it last year.

  2. and just when i heard the spanish version of 'im on the rock' and im saying to myself 'i had enuff of this --' i come here and see this! and to my surprise, im feeling it! yayy!!!! it got that good soca touch, big up slaughter arts.