Aaron Fresh - Trinidadian Recording Artist

It's Friday, and usually at this time I'm watching BET's 106 and Park. I suppose making up for the five years, I did not have BET, in Vermont. Today's new video, started with a Caribbean woman buffin' (Trini slang - To insult, yell at or argue with someone) her son, telling him to go to work. So I watched it, and felt, "Ok, it's a cutesy lil' video."

When the singer, Aaron Fresh, got interviewed by Rocsi and Terrence, his cute lil' accent was coming through. I was hoping he would reveal his Caribbean connection, and then, he shouts out to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. So yes, this is for my Trini people. Umm, I should be adopted by you all by now. LOL!

Aaron Fresh had a nomadic childhood. He was born in Chicago, raised in Trinidad, then moved to San Francisco at age 14. He is signed to Ncredible, and dually to Island Def Jam, and his debut album is set to be released in summer 2010.

Aaron Fresh - "Spending All My Time"

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  1. uuugh, video is very corney indeed. who is he, the black justin beiber?but lol @ the mom. glad to see caribbean nationals doing it big nation wide, now that always have my support.