The Lemon Trick

Nothing like a mother to keep you in check! Well, at least mine does. Any slight comment from her could possibly send me to a psych ward, if I let it. So recently, she saw my face and said, "What happened?" Good gosh, to explain, "Let me just say I'll take scars/blemishes over a bump any day. Hey, makeup can hide flaws. ... And I do have flaws but to have my mother point it out ... HELP!"

A fellow blogger recommended Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum, but for a whopping $29 for a 2 ounce bottle, I started to look elsewhere and then, .... THE LEMON TRICK. Now I can afford that. 

I remember high-school days, in St.Joseph's Convent, in St.Lucia and the strict rules. Certainly, boxed hair coloring would have never been copacetic with Sister Claire, but I found a natural way to slide by both her and my parents. Natural sunlight and LEMONS, in-turn I got lightened-golden hair strands. So maybe lemon is the trick to clear up blemishes, after all.

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