The Good, The Bad and The St.Lucian - Country & Western Music in St.Lucia

Country music is very popular in St.Lucia. ... And there are country and western dances in venues, with names, such as Nashville Palace. People dress in complete cowboy apparel ... boots, hats, vests, etc and they couple up and do various country dance steps. My mom told me, country and western is popular due to St.Lucians who migrated overseas to Southern U.S states to harvest crops, and then returned  home, having picked up the country / cowboy lifestyle.

If you're not from St.Lucia, I suppose you'd have to see it to believe it. Hence my desire to share Fiona Compton's 12 minute video, "The Good, the Bad and The St.Lucian," which I was forced to upload into two parts. Part 1 & Part 2.

"I was stuck for a name, for the longest while, until Bevan suggested, 'The Good, The Bad and The St.Lucian' to me," said Fiona. She considered the well known film, 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' starring Clint Eastwood and felt the title for her documentary was a perfect fit.

This twelve minute documentary reveals why country music is so popular in St.Lucia, a predominantly black (small island) country and why some St.Lucians love the music so much, considering that country music has long been associated with 'Redneck America'.  This documentary gives us a glimpse of ex-St.Lucian Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, Fiona's father, in way we've never seen before. Chillin' at home, bare-back, eatin' what looks to be, a piece of bread. LOL!

"I myself before making the film hated country music. I could not understand just why places like Nashville Palace were so popular and radio stations like Hot FM would dedicate an entire day to playing just country music. But meeting people like Mr.Anius who at the time ran Nashville Palace, and other fanatics, I gained an understanding of how it came to St.Lucia and just why they love it. That in turn gave me an appreciation for the music, where I am happy to listen to country on a Sunday :).  

I have hours of footage, but doing this film for my degree show, I had to edit it alot to fit into 10 minutes or so. The interviews go into a great depth about identity in St.Lucia, that I plan one day to re-do it in a better quality format." says Fiona.

Part 1

Part 2

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"Music does not have any master or owner, it belongs to everybody!"

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  1. i'm looking forward to watching this documentary. i myself always wondered How and WHY (WHY!!!) we listen to it. its even weird for other islanders to hear that their own listen to that type of music, farless americans. lol. i did a presentation where i included that fact; some of my friends even thought i was joking when i told them so. ask me how i ended up with country on my ipod whereas i didn't even give that genre a consideration to make it to my ipod. ahh, i guess part of culture will always come to find u.