St.Lucian PARISIAN Celebrity VINCENT MCDOOM to Guest Judge on America's Next Top Model

Life ... and it's many wonderful stories. This unofficial introduction to Vincent McDoom was not supposed to happen this way.  You see, I asked Vincent a few weeks ago, to interview him.  He said, yes but I fell sick and lost my voice.  I promised him once I recovered my voice, I'd be happy to chat.  He beat me to it ... kind of.  LOL!

This morning St.Lucian PARISIAN Celebrity, Vincent McDoom who is currently vacationing in St.Lucia for two weeks, was interviewed on St.Lucian radio. I know Vincent from my childhood, at Sunshine Bookshop, the only bookshop in St.Lucia in the 80s. Vincent would wear black boots, almost 2 inch heels and had long flowing hair. He was flamboyant ... always smiling.

Today, he thanks the previous book store owner, Rhona Pilgrim for giving him his first job after secondary school, after being denied a CIBC bank job. Despite dressing as masculine as could be for the job interview, the bank HR manager's reaction was that she would be crazy to hire someone like him there. Vincent recounted standing in the book shop, reading VOGUE and lamenting when he was offered his first job. ...And fashion magazines were his inspiration for poses, clothing and the kind.

Vincent is known for his androgynous style, dressing merely in women's clothing in some of the hottest designer clothing and shoes. I know, I usually feast my eyes on his Facebook profile.
Vincent walked us through his successes after winning a St.Lucia 10th Independence Anniversary Designer contest which started his 21 year life in Paris.  He also offered a wealth of advice to models, modeling agencies and designers. I enjoyed his statement, "that outfit is dead," after being photographed by paparazzi and regular people like us who own cell phones with cameras.

Yes, Vincent only wears an item of clothing once, never to be worn or seen on him again.  Yes, that's GUCCI, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, etc.  I'm sort of the same way too, hence my affordable fashion sense.  LOL!  Vincent has over 2000 pairs of shoes.  ... And again, I can say I've seen them.  In my diva voice, "... And they're all designer, baby!" He passes on items to his niece,  and fellow Sweet 7 feature, Sue (MO Hawk & Bold Makeup), the next Lucian with major star quality, or someday to the daughter he intends to have.

He has met Anna Wintour (the editor in chief of American Vogue) and Andre Leon Tally (former editor at large for Vogue magazine).  Both heavy weights in the fashion world. Vincent was even Assistant to MARC JACOBS. ... And these are few, compared to the numerous industry people he has mixed and mingles with.

Proud to say, Vincent is a judge on France's version of America's Next Top Model, and has been invited to guest judge on Heidi Klum's, the German version of Next Top Model and will appear on the next season of America's Next Top Model. I cannot wait!

From a distance, I was totally inspired and proud, so were other St.Lucians calling in to the program, particularly young St.Lucian women with interests of becoming fashion models. What struck me, cause I've often wondered myself, Vincent asked, "Who are the young designers in St.Lucia?"  

This has led me into another fantastic feature which I currently had to work on ... 
Sharleen Lagon - Jaeylu- St.Lucian Fashion Designer

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