Stupid Questions Americans Ask Caribbean People

Wah, wah, wah ... look jokes!

It's the end of the weekend, and I come across another Facebook group, "Stupid Questions Americans Ask Caribbean People." Interested, I clicked.  In seconds, I joined and posted my stupid question asked when I was in FIU, "Why are studying? When you return home, won't you be in sandals, on a beach and drinking coconuts?" Like duh, STUPID QUESTION!

Join others, and share those stupid questions ... just for kicks and laughs at the ignorance of some people!

... And then seeing this Jamaican Heineken video, I can't help but laugh some more.

And to Americans ... don't get offended, just get educated.

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  1. well i saw the group, but i was never subjected to any ignorance rather than, 'r u jamaican??' one time a guy told me my english was good...8) nuff said, even though i wasnt that offended cause i expected all kindz of crazy questions/notions which i didn't received. and LMAO about that video. the malibu ones does get me too!